The Week Of 2nd – 7th March…

Arriving home from London with a huge welcome from the rest of the family.

School started immediately the next day, and after school come friends (always friends), and play. Lots of play…

20140309-070354 fm.jpg

20140309-070509 fm.jpg

20140309-070531 fm.jpg

20140309-070720 fm.jpg

20140309-070805 fm.jpg

20140309-070842 fm.jpg

20140309-070904 fm.jpg
Play dough and marble runs, castles from boxes – and people in boxes, lego cities, dolls dressed for walks, and collections (always lots of collections!).

Also time to create, the simple…

20140309-071303 fm.jpg
….and the more time consuming…

20140309-071350 fm.jpg
This is (yet another) game that (mainly Leon) is creating. A game of cards and spells and chances…

20140309-071515 fm.jpg

20140309-071539 fm.jpg

20140309-071604 fm.jpg

20140309-071626 fm.jpg
Since this time, Leon has solely drawn, cut out and laminated 90 cards…!

Teddy continues to amuse us (and appease Maya), by dressing up….

20140309-071825 fm.jpg

20140309-071853 fm.jpg

20140309-071915 fm.jpg

20140309-071941 fm.jpg
Pictured above we have ; Ted dressed for ‘school’, Ted trying on and prancing with Maya’s giant rainbow socks with the funny toes, and yes, Ted trying on clothes from the laundry basket (of his own accord..)….. Hmmm… πŸ˜‰

I also had the joy of taking Maya out for an early birthday treat, to the ‘Wizard of Oz’ musical…

20140309-072320 fm.jpg

20140309-072342 fm.jpg
Wow! Did she enjoy? Yes she did! πŸ™‚

And scouts. More magical campfires, singing and outdoor cooking at scouts…

20140309-072458 fm.jpg

20140309-072516 fm.jpg

What else? Piano lessons for Leon of course, park visits, library visits, and this week, Alfie had his first swimming lesson – something he really loved!
Plus, this week, the man of the house had to suddenly go away again for work – this time to Texas, USA, and this time for a whole week! But luckily for us, our english grandmother (mormor), was kind enough to fly over to spend time with us for a week – just like that! How lucky we are! πŸ™‚


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