The Breakfast Party!

This weekend Maya turned 10. Ten!!! Where does the time go?!

So now I officially have two ‘big kids’ in the house (I always like to think they turn big when they enter double figures!) 🙂

This year her main present was the trip to the ‘Wizard of Oz’ musical. But she also received other gifts from her family – a new soft red dressing gown, a cuddly toy Lemer she asked for, a compartmental shelf to keep her bits and bobs in order (with paints to decorate it), and a paint a hedgehog in which to grow some cress, craft kit. She was very pleased.

20140318-082328 fm.jpg

Of course, what Maya didn’t expect, was the surprise party that happened at 9am…
I had asked 6 of her friends to come in pyjamas, ready for breakfast. These were the first two who arrived…

20140318-083402 fm.jpg

After the initial shock (and stopping her from rushing downstairs to get dressed!), the present opening began, everyone dressed in pyjamas..

20140318-083544 fm.jpg

I had personalised a white mug for each child, and placed in it a sachet of hot chocolate and a toothbrush…

20140318-083824 fm.jpg

20140318-084037 fm.jpg
So it was time for hot chocolate (with marshmallows) in their own cups, and a pancake buffet with jam, maple syrup and lots of fresh fruit….

20140318-103044 fm.jpg

20140318-103102 fm.jpg

20140318-103124 fm.jpg

20140318-103150 fm.jpg

20140318-103212 fm.jpg

20140318-103250 fm.jpg

20140318-103625 fm.jpg
The kids amazingly sat round the table for an hour! 🙂
Oh, let me just show you Maya’s beautiful smile when we unveiled the cups…

20140318-105756 fm.jpg
Truly happy! 🙂
So…after the breakfast buffet, I had bought some fluoride tablets – just for fun! And just for fun, the ones who wanted to (including myself!) ate one, and had a ‘competition’ to see who could brush their teeth the cleanest! :()

20140318-110009 fm.jpg

20140318-110028 fm.jpg

20140318-110052 fm.jpg

20140318-110125 fm.jpg
The kids just LOVED this! 😉
After this we had a game of ‘hide and find the ticking alarm clock’, which was fun, but then there were just half an hour left, and the kids were happy to do their thing…

20140318-110532 fm.jpg
….before going home with their ‘party bag’ – their cup, another sachet of hot chocolate, some sugar free chewing gum, raisins, a mini box of breakfast cereal, and their toothbrush!

20140318-110909 fm.jpg
And Maya was VERY happy! 🙂


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