The week of 8th – 14th March

This was the week that the man of the house was working away – and this was the week that mormor came to stay.

A week of planning and preparing for Maya’s 10th birthday. Presents to be bought, and a surprise party to prepare for. 🙂

A week of nature walks..

20140318-074208 fm.jpg

20140318-074238 fm.jpg

Hello mormor!

20140318-074337 fm.jpg

A week of playing Leon’s homemade card games – of which mormor must now be an expert…?

20140318-074529 fm.jpg

This was the week that Mormor helped Maya to not only start, but to finish knitting a dress for her doll, Bella…

20140318-074709 fm.jpg

20140318-074734 fm.jpg

This was the week that the sun came out…

20140318-074904 fm.jpg

20140318-074938 fm.jpg
…the garden came in use….

20140318-075019 fm.jpg

20140318-075049 fm.jpg

20140318-075118 fm.jpg
…and the crocuses started to bloom…

20140318-075209 fm.jpg

20140318-075243 fm.jpg

20140318-075309 fm.jpg
It was also a week for Maya to prepare for Bella’s birthday…

20140318-075454 fm.jpg

20140318-075516 fm.jpg

20140318-075543 fm.jpg
A week for using junk in play…

20140318-075636 fm.jpg
…for attending a ‘Mumin’ theatre play…

20140318-075800 fm.jpg
…and for playing with the Mumin house…

20140318-075915 fm.jpg
It was also a week of making charts. Leon devised his own chore/reward chart…

20140318-080132 fm.jpg
…and in typical Alfie style, whatever Leon tries, Alfie tries too….

20140318-080338 fm.jpg

Maya also devised a chart, on the computer, using keynote. A behavioural chart for meal times….

20140318-080458 fm.jpg
Something that is now in full force, with coloured stars and serious discussion. And it (mostly) works! 😉

This week was also a week of trying something new for me. An ‘invitation to explore’, inspired by our friends in London. Next to the nature shelf, an area that can be used to explore recent topics. This weeks topic was London. It took the kids a while to explore, though many questions were asked about the wooden buildings. Eventually however, Leon and Alfie both read through the whole book…loved it…and Alfie is still questioning the historical punishment of heads on sticks…! 😉

20140318-081007 fm.jpg
And this week, as always with Ted, was a week to get up to no good, when mummy’s back is turned….

20140318-081118 fm.jpg


3 thoughts on “The week of 8th – 14th March

  1. My favorite part of the week – that beautiful little island! I could sit there all day. And tell maya that Bella’s dress is just beautiful!!! Fits her perfectly!

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