Farmer Ted

Lately Ted has shown a great interest in the chickens. Every morning he rushes out to get the eggs; opening the chicken house door, checking for eggs, carefully bringing them in to the house, and returning to close the chicken house door. Often he asks for a bucket of food to feed to them – throwing it out to them in the classic way.
Yesterday morning was beautiful and sunny, and I had lots if ideas for things to do. But often it’s better to just stand back, and watch them play…..

20140425-053625 fm.jpg

20140425-053651 fm.jpg

20140425-053725 fm.jpg

20140425-053803 fm.jpg

20140425-053834 fm.jpg

20140425-053859 fm.jpg

20140425-053925 fm.jpg

20140425-054004 fm.jpg

20140425-054041 fm.jpg

20140425-054115 fm.jpg
There was lots of feeding of the hens, putting ‘treasures’ in their house (pinecones and small stones), and general wondering around with the buckets. He’s taking the hens very seriously. I’m glad we got them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Open Ended Earth Day Art

Every day should be Earth Day really – but never the less, on the 22nd April, Ted and I were down at the lake collecting ‘interesting things from nature’…

20140424-055344 fm.jpg

20140424-055411 fm.jpg
We brought our ‘interesting things’ home and used them to do some open-ended art work….

20140424-055544 fm.jpg

20140424-055622 fm.jpg

20140424-055659 fm.jpg

20140424-055727 fm.jpg
Ted’s not really in to the concept of creating a specific craft for the sake of it. He wants to touch and explore and sometimes even taste…
There is never enough glue for Ted. Rolling objects in the glue, and painting the objects with the glue, is much better than sticking the objects on the glue to make a pretty picture!

Adding some green-yellow paint (think land), and some blue paint (water), helped to add to the ‘natural effect’ – along with the brown paper from the recycling bin.

And of course, like glue, the more paint, the better. Mixing, stirring, spreading – nothing specific, just doing. Enjoying every second – and not caring about the end product….

20140424-061301 fm.jpg

20140424-061323 fm.jpg

20140424-061408 fm.jpg
…and that’s okay with me – I think it’s beautiful! ๐Ÿ™‚

Alfie’s Lego Towers…

Today Alfie decided to organise his whole family in a series of competitions.

He gave us all instructions, and a personalised ‘ticket’ which he was to ‘stamp’ after we had completed each competition.

20140422-093143 em.jpg

Apparently there will be eight competitions – one each day. Competition number one was to build the highest lego tower…

20140422-093331 em.jpg
I wonder what the rest of the week will look like? ๐Ÿ™‚

‘Lida’ : One Of Stockholm’s Many Green Areas..

We took a trip to ‘Lida’ yesterday. It’s an ‘open air park’ (friluftsgรฅrd) , of which we have so many here in Sweden.
We started with the easy kids trail…

20140421-060524 fm.jpg
Of course, the older three kids ran ahead, which left Ted, Richard and I ambling behind, discovering flowers, how to follow trails, homemade dens, and man made ones (a ‘kota’)…

20140421-060910 fm.jpg

20140421-060944 fm.jpg

20140421-061017 fm.jpg

20140421-061057 fm.jpg

20140421-061129 fm.jpg

20140421-061203 fm.jpg
Eventually we caught up with the others at the top of the mountain, just in time for a snack..

20140421-061324 fm.jpg
Walking back down the trail both Alfie and Ted were highly enthused at seeing the years first butterflies…!

20140421-061457 fm.jpg

20140421-061538 fm.jpg
At the end of the trail both Leon and Maya impressed me with their climbing skills…

20140421-061743 fm.jpg

20140421-061815 fm.jpg
We came to a beach where Maya enjoyed the sand, Alfie told me all about wild flowers – and found out that walking with his dad’s glasses on wasn’t easy…!

20140421-062025 fm.jpg

20140421-062059 fm.jpg

20140421-062123 fm.jpg

20140421-062550 fm.jpg

20140421-062632 fm.jpg
We walked along the beach, and discovered a jetty…

20140421-062803 fm.jpg
…and lo and behold, a wild rabbit! The Easter bunny perhaps?
Here are Leon’s pictures…

20140421-062926 fm.jpg

20140421-062952 fm.jpg

20140421-063021 fm.jpg
…and a little photo fun….

20140421-063123 fm.jpg

20140421-063157 fm.jpg

20140421-063236 fm.jpg

20140421-063309 fm.jpg
…before starting the trip back home..

20140421-063454 fm.jpg
…but not before an ice-cream of course..!

20140421-063622 fm.jpg
How lucky we are to live in a part of the world where nature is always accessible!

Kool-Aid Eggs – And A Happy Easter!

Thanks to our lovely blog friend Pam – who has the amazing and inspiring crafty blog ‘Gingerbread Snowflakes’ – we were able to test ‘Kool-Aid’ to dye our eggs this year – all the way from America…!

20140420-100100 fm.jpg
Following the instructions on Pam’s blog, we mixed the sachets in to water (no vinegar needed), and carefully popped in the boiled eggs…

20140420-100240 fm.jpg
The colours were amazing! Though we were shocked to hear this was a drink!!!
Anyway, we left the eggs for a long time, in room temperature (actually overnight), and in the morning I dabbed them off with kitchen paper and left them to dry…

20140420-100442 fm.jpg
When ready, I gave them faces, and popped on farmor’s knitted egg hats – for last minute fun…

20140420-100620 fm.jpg
….and it was eggs for breakfast!

Thank you Pam, for our fantastic Kool-Aid….and by the way, Happy Easter everyone! ๐Ÿ˜‰

20140420-100755 fm.jpg

Easter Egg Hunt 2014

This year the hunt was a little trickier! Each child had to find five eggs of their given colour, and within the eggs were not only a couple of tiny chocolate eggs, but also some letters. The letters had to be put together to make the word of the room where an Easter gift was hidden!

20140419-091052 em.jpg

20140419-091145 em.jpg
So off they went…!

20140419-091247 em.jpg
And what fun they had…!

20140419-091334 em.jpg

20140419-091425 em.jpg

20140419-091636 em.jpg
Sometimes it was frustrating…

20140419-091751 em.jpg

20140419-091839 em.jpg

20140419-091922 em.jpg

20140419-091954 em.jpg

20140419-092033 em.jpg
…but it was definitely worth it!

20140419-092158 em.jpg

20140419-092233 em.jpg
“The best one ever!” said the kids!

Good Friday At Farmor’s…

Farmor, the kid’s swedish grandmother, has moved house. She’s a little older now, so she’s given up her house with a large garden, for a lovely little flat near to the centre of her town.

20140418-050537 em.jpg
We usually enjoy a day with her over Easter, and this year was no different…

20140418-050851 em.jpg

20140418-050920 em.jpg
Fortunately for her, and for us, she’s still only a short drive from the forest, where beautiful spring flowers were in their masses…

20140418-051235 em.jpg

20140418-051313 em.jpg

20140418-051342 em.jpg
….and outside her flat the cherry trees were in bloom…

20140418-051517 em.jpg
And of course, the kids were treated to Easter eggs…

20140418-051721 em.jpg

20140418-051831 em.jpg

20140418-051852 em.jpg

The Easter Witch Walk (Or Skรคrtorsdag!)

What a joy to come home and see Maya dressed in her homemade Easter bunny costume, working so hard with Alfie making Easter cards to give out on the ‘Easter witch walk’…

20140417-091818 em.jpg
Such beautiful cards…

20140417-091904 em.jpg
..and such a wonderful costume…

20140417-092003 em.jpg

20140417-092033 em.jpg

20140417-092103 em.jpg
..ready for the ‘Easter Witch Walk’…..

20140417-092257 em.jpg

20140417-092330 em.jpg

20140417-092418 em.jpg
..which they all thoroughly enjoyed!

20140417-100711 em.jpg

20140417-100744 em.jpg

20140417-100808 em.jpg

20140417-100833 em.jpg

20140417-100901 em.jpg

20140417-100927 em.jpg