Bird Week!

This last week we’ve been doing a little bird theme….
It started with the ‘invitation to explore’ shelf. A poster of different birds of Sweden, a book of Swedish birds and their call, a bird memory game, and a few cuddly birds which make their call – blackbird, greenfinch, bullfinch and a duck…

20140408-065732 fm.jpg

20140408-065813 fm.jpg

20140408-065901 fm.jpg
The kids all enjoyed tallying the birds – we’ve been getting a lot of lesser spotted woodpeckers lately – and they are just beautiful!
We made some peanut butter and pinecone treats…

20140410-063608 fm.jpg

20140410-063639 fm.jpg
…which has meant that the back of our veranda, where we have also hung a filled coconut, have been teaming with birds…

20140410-063913 fm.jpg

20140410-064011 fm.jpg

20140410-064045 fm.jpg
It was wonderful when Alfie pointed out that we didn’t have any robins on our tally chart – and so he drew one and added it – I was skeptical that we would see one – having only seen one ever in our garden, many years ago. But guess what I saw the very next morning? Exactly outside on the veranda, where Alfie had put his picture?

20140410-064911 fm.jpg
That’s right! A robin!
Now isn’t that lovely?! 🙂
Alfie coloured in some wonderful birds (see activity village for the stencils)…

20140410-065101 fm.jpg
…which, as you can see, we added to our paper tree.
We made some sweet egg birds nests…

20140410-065218 fm.jpg
…which of course the kids loved – and when Ted and I were down at the lake, we observed a crow picking up sticks for his nest….

20140410-065359 fm.jpg
Well of course we had to talk about nests, and how they were made. We observed some in the trees, and looked at bird boxes, and of course looked at our own hen’s nest…

20140410-065537 fm.jpg
…which helped Ted design his own nest…

20140410-065727 fm.jpg
…which he gave to the hens, in case they needed it…

20140410-065826 fm.jpg
Gosh, we even tried a bit of bird watching! 😉

20140410-065940 fm.jpg
Alfie was convinced it worked, even with toilet roll binoculars…

20140410-070052 fm.jpg
However, the best bit was when I took Ted to the park, and he built a birds nest in a ‘birds nest swing’…

20140410-070300 fm.jpg
He then ‘became’ the bird – collecting pinecones for food, sleeping in his nest, eating worms (sticks) from the mummy bird (me), and learning to fly by running around and flapping his ‘wings’…

20140410-070512 fm.jpg
…so what a wonderful experience then, when on our walk home we found ourselves between a tree where two crows were breaking off twigs for their nests, and a flat where the same crows were building their nest under the rafters. We stood and watched them fly to the tree, break off twigs for the nest, fly to the nest to leave their twig, and return to the tree with empty beaks. Some times they flew to the nest and found their twigs were too long and they couldn’t get under the rafters to the nest, so they had to fly down and physically break the twigs on the ground with their beaks, before returning to their nests (which Ted found very amusing!).
What a fantastic experience!
Beautiful, wonderful birds!

20140410-071402 fm.jpg

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