It’s Raining Again!

The walk to take Alfie to school often becomes an unplanned nature walk – and this time was no exception.

Worms. The path to school was covered with worms. We observed them, and counted them, and worried about them. We noticed how some were long and stretched out, while others were tiny and curled up. Some were brown, some were pink, and some were most definitely ….dead… 😦

But the rain was cold, and I had forgotten Ted’s gloves. “I’m chilly” he said. I told him we would go home, warm up, and come outside later when the rain had stopped, for a ‘worm walk’.

But the rain didn’t stop. It went on and on, and bit by bit rain turned to sleet, and it got colder. We went outside anyway – but there were no worms to be found. It was just too cold. Bitterly cold.

Ted was restless, so we decided to turn to ‘Auntie Mabel’. You don’t know Auntie Mabel? Wonderful Auntie Mabel!
Auntie Mabel has been a loved character through each of my children’s lives. She’s a lady of around 60, who flies around in a little aeroplane, with her dog Pippin, discovering things – apples, boxes, carrots, holes, toothpaste – she’ll visit the factories, tell stories, experiment, and find out all about them, in her (very old) 13 minute television programme ‘Come Outside’ (BBC) – no longer shown, but kept lovingly on our computer….

Today we looked at the episode ‘rain’.
We watched how the rain fell on Auntie Mabel’s house, how the gutters helped the rain run down the side of the house in to the drain, how Pippin the dog loved the rain (but the cats don’t) and how an umbrella helps you to shelter from the rain.

And then we made it rain…..

20140411-070514 fm.jpg

20140411-070604 fm.jpg

20140411-070703 fm.jpg
It rained on the house, it rained on the umbrellas, it rained on the cats and it rained on the dogs. It rained on Auntie Mabel and her aeroplane too.

At first it was just spitting with rain…

20140411-070924 fm.jpg

20140411-071001 fm.jpg
But pretty soon the rain got heavier, coming in streams, and making bigger puddles…

20140411-071128 fm.jpg

20140411-071150 fm.jpg
Eventually it just poured…!

20140411-071252 fm.jpg
Ted tested out using droppers, an emptied washing up bottle, and a small watering can, to test the different ways of making it ‘rain’.

Fantastic fun for a little man who can’t get enough of water play! 🙂


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