Late To Bed

I put Alfie to bed late last night? Why? Well, at first I couldn’t find him. Then I found him tucked under Maya’s bed dressing her doll Bella.

When I told him it was time for bed he said he just wanted to get Bella dressed for bed, so she would be nice and warm. I thought that was okay.

I waited and waited and waited. He had to change her clothes lots of times before he found the perfect clothes for her to sleep in. As I watched, I noticed how difficult it was for him to pull the clothes over her head, to stick her arms and little hands through the arm holes, and to keep her body still while he pulled the trousers on. Something he’s never been interested in before. Excellent for his motor skills.

20140411-064626 fm.jpg
Eventually he tucked her in to bed, happy in the knowledge she would sleep well.

This was, without doubt, my favourite part of the day.


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