Rålis park – Probably the most creative playground in the world!

Yesterday we went to my favourite play park. Yes, mine. I love it because wherever you look there’s something colourful and fun – and best of all, it’s mostly homemade!
Here are just a few of the things that inspired me….

20140414-015504 em.jpg
That’s right – a ‘Gaudi’ style climbing frame / seat…

20140414-015616 em.jpg
A ‘scary forest’ – this was a favourite for Ted….just a little bit “‘cary”!

20140414-015732 em.jpg

20140414-015809 em.jpg

20140414-015842 em.jpg
A ‘dummy tree’…

20140414-015930 em.jpg
‘Measuring area’…

20140414-020015 em.jpg
‘Guess the animal poo’ boxes….

20140414-020110 em.jpg
Homemade ball runs…

20140414-020159 em.jpg
Marble runs too….

20140414-020247 em.jpg

20140414-020310 em.jpg
A number wall…

20140414-020355 em.jpg
….and a number tree…

20140414-020442 em.jpg
Sound walls….

20140414-020558 em.jpg

20140414-020632 em.jpg
A puzzle in the ground…

20140414-020726 em.jpg
…and ‘Twister’….

20140414-020818 em.jpg
A mud kitchen…

20140414-020925 em.jpg

20140414-020959 em.jpg
Pretend recycling areas (oh yes!)…

20140414-021054 em.jpg

20140414-021127 em.jpg
Cars and trucks made from planks of wood to climb on (there were many more and I really should have taken more photos..)…..

20140414-021307 em.jpg
and a ‘mechanics’…

20140414-021406 em.jpg

20140414-021433 em.jpg
And yes, that was just SOME of the stuff there! What a fabulously creative and inspiring place it is!
So now, because Ted just can’t seem to get enough of diggers and his favourite mechanic character ‘Mulle Meck’, R and I are thinking about building a ‘mechanic’s workshop’ outside for Ted over the summer! 😉

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