Exquisite Egg Geodes!

I’ve seen this experiment a few times on Pinterest – and I’ve been desperate to give it a try! 🙂
I wasn’t disappointed!

20140416-081808 fm.jpg

What do you need?
Blown out egg shells (1 egg makes 2 geodes)
White school glue / glue sticks
Hot water (almost boiling)
Food colouring (stronger the better) or egg dye

Step 1 :
Cut egg shells in half with scissors, then paint the inside of the shells, and over any cracks, with the glue..

20140416-083144 fm.jpg

Step 2 :
Sprinkle alum over the glue…

20140416-083300 fm.jpg
Leave over night to dry.

Step 3 :
Pour 2 cups of (almost) boiling water in to a glass / plastic container, add food colouring / egg dye, and stir until dissolved..

20140416-083515 fm.jpg

Step 4 :
Stir in 3/4 cup alum, and keep stirring until completely dissolved (if it is not totally dissolved the alum will not be attracted to the egg so much)…

20140416-083720 fm.jpg

Step 5 :
Leave for 12 – 15 hours (we left ours for 24)….

20140416-083831 fm.jpg

Step 6 :
Carefully take them out and leave them on a draining tray (protected underneath) to dry…

20140416-084002 fm.jpg

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

20140416-084050 fm.jpg

20140416-084110 fm.jpg


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