The Easter Witch Walk (Or Skärtorsdag!)

What a joy to come home and see Maya dressed in her homemade Easter bunny costume, working so hard with Alfie making Easter cards to give out on the ‘Easter witch walk’…

20140417-091818 em.jpg
Such beautiful cards…

20140417-091904 em.jpg
..and such a wonderful costume…

20140417-092003 em.jpg

20140417-092033 em.jpg

20140417-092103 em.jpg
..ready for the ‘Easter Witch Walk’…..

20140417-092257 em.jpg

20140417-092330 em.jpg

20140417-092418 em.jpg
..which they all thoroughly enjoyed!

20140417-100711 em.jpg

20140417-100744 em.jpg

20140417-100808 em.jpg

20140417-100833 em.jpg

20140417-100901 em.jpg

20140417-100927 em.jpg


2 thoughts on “The Easter Witch Walk (Or Skärtorsdag!)

  1. Oh I look forward to these pictures every year!! Maya’s rabbit costume is so adorable on her. And when did Alfie get so big? I could not believe my eyes!!!

    Love so much that the children make cards to give.

    The pix second from bottom is my absolute favorite!!!

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