Good Friday At Farmor’s…

Farmor, the kid’s swedish grandmother, has moved house. She’s a little older now, so she’s given up her house with a large garden, for a lovely little flat near to the centre of her town.

20140418-050537 em.jpg
We usually enjoy a day with her over Easter, and this year was no different…

20140418-050851 em.jpg

20140418-050920 em.jpg
Fortunately for her, and for us, she’s still only a short drive from the forest, where beautiful spring flowers were in their masses…

20140418-051235 em.jpg

20140418-051313 em.jpg

20140418-051342 em.jpg
….and outside her flat the cherry trees were in bloom…

20140418-051517 em.jpg
And of course, the kids were treated to Easter eggs…

20140418-051721 em.jpg

20140418-051831 em.jpg

20140418-051852 em.jpg

2 thoughts on “Good Friday At Farmor’s…

  1. Look like Easter for your family is a nice long affair – lasting over several days!How much fun for the children this must be! Our Easters were relegated to one day only. I loved sharing in the day with their Swedish grandmother! Happy Easter to all!

  2. Yes, I think Easter lasts a little longer here – I think it’s the combination of the Christian traditions, and the old Pagan traditions that Sweden still seems to be ‘in touch’ with (ie/ Easter witches). I think you’re right – great memories for the kids! 🙂

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