Easter Egg Hunt 2014

This year the hunt was a little trickier! Each child had to find five eggs of their given colour, and within the eggs were not only a couple of tiny chocolate eggs, but also some letters. The letters had to be put together to make the word of the room where an Easter gift was hidden!

20140419-091052 em.jpg

20140419-091145 em.jpg
So off they went…!

20140419-091247 em.jpg
And what fun they had…!

20140419-091334 em.jpg

20140419-091425 em.jpg

20140419-091636 em.jpg
Sometimes it was frustrating…

20140419-091751 em.jpg

20140419-091839 em.jpg

20140419-091922 em.jpg

20140419-091954 em.jpg

20140419-092033 em.jpg
…but it was definitely worth it!

20140419-092158 em.jpg

20140419-092233 em.jpg
“The best one ever!” said the kids!


2 thoughts on “Easter Egg Hunt 2014

  1. The only thing missing are the prizes hidden in the rooms!!! What a fun Easter Egg hunt! And as usual you have done a wonderful job of capturing the fun. Thank you for sharing. You are making my Easter this year!

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