Kool-Aid Eggs – And A Happy Easter!

Thanks to our lovely blog friend Pam – who has the amazing and inspiring crafty blog ‘Gingerbread Snowflakes’ – we were able to test ‘Kool-Aid’ to dye our eggs this year – all the way from America…!

20140420-100100 fm.jpg
Following the instructions on Pam’s blog, we mixed the sachets in to water (no vinegar needed), and carefully popped in the boiled eggs…

20140420-100240 fm.jpg
The colours were amazing! Though we were shocked to hear this was a drink!!!
Anyway, we left the eggs for a long time, in room temperature (actually overnight), and in the morning I dabbed them off with kitchen paper and left them to dry…

20140420-100442 fm.jpg
When ready, I gave them faces, and popped on farmor’s knitted egg hats – for last minute fun…

20140420-100620 fm.jpg
….and it was eggs for breakfast!

Thank you Pam, for our fantastic Kool-Aid….and by the way, Happy Easter everyone! 😉

20140420-100755 fm.jpg


4 thoughts on “Kool-Aid Eggs – And A Happy Easter!

  1. Happy Easter, my friend! Yes, my kids won’t drink Kool-Aid despite the fact that it is super common here in the US. They find it too sweet and artificial tasting. If you need some for next year, just remind me and I will send you a batch…they are super inexpensive.

    • Thank you Phyllis – I’ll remember that – I’m wondering if they would make a sweet fruity smelling playdough? Though no doubt our Ted would try to eat it!!! I’d never experienced Kool-Aid before – shocking to drink – but great to dye with! It’s illegal over here! Happy Easter to you and your lovely family!

  2. Oh my goodness these are so cute! I will be giggling all day long! Those faces and hats! YOU are amazing!

    I’ve never left them in solution for more than ten minutes! So the overnight bath must explain the fabulous variations in the color on the surface. But I am very curious! Did the dye soak through the shells? Did the eggs taste like strawberry or cherry or lime?

    Actually, I believe I sent you the non-sweetened packets. We do add sugar before drinking. It’s been around since before i was born! Having a mom who fed us very healthy food (home cooked – not processed or pre packaged) we had to indulge at our friend’s homes!!!

    Happy Easter!!!

  3. Hi Pam – yes, it must have been the overnight dip that gave them the strange surface – next time I’ll leave them in for less time I think! The dye did not, however, seep through the shell (though the shells did seem slightly softer) and the eggs just (thankfully) tasted of eggs! Yes, we had the unsweetened version. Fantastic colours to use as a dye though! Thank you!

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