‘Lida’ : One Of Stockholm’s Many Green Areas..

We took a trip to ‘Lida’ yesterday. It’s an ‘open air park’ (friluftsgård) , of which we have so many here in Sweden.
We started with the easy kids trail…

20140421-060524 fm.jpg
Of course, the older three kids ran ahead, which left Ted, Richard and I ambling behind, discovering flowers, how to follow trails, homemade dens, and man made ones (a ‘kota’)…

20140421-060910 fm.jpg

20140421-060944 fm.jpg

20140421-061017 fm.jpg

20140421-061057 fm.jpg

20140421-061129 fm.jpg

20140421-061203 fm.jpg
Eventually we caught up with the others at the top of the mountain, just in time for a snack..

20140421-061324 fm.jpg
Walking back down the trail both Alfie and Ted were highly enthused at seeing the years first butterflies…!

20140421-061457 fm.jpg

20140421-061538 fm.jpg
At the end of the trail both Leon and Maya impressed me with their climbing skills…

20140421-061743 fm.jpg

20140421-061815 fm.jpg
We came to a beach where Maya enjoyed the sand, Alfie told me all about wild flowers – and found out that walking with his dad’s glasses on wasn’t easy…!

20140421-062025 fm.jpg

20140421-062059 fm.jpg

20140421-062123 fm.jpg

20140421-062550 fm.jpg

20140421-062632 fm.jpg
We walked along the beach, and discovered a jetty…

20140421-062803 fm.jpg
…and lo and behold, a wild rabbit! The Easter bunny perhaps?
Here are Leon’s pictures…

20140421-062926 fm.jpg

20140421-062952 fm.jpg

20140421-063021 fm.jpg
…and a little photo fun….

20140421-063123 fm.jpg

20140421-063157 fm.jpg

20140421-063236 fm.jpg

20140421-063309 fm.jpg
…before starting the trip back home..

20140421-063454 fm.jpg
…but not before an ice-cream of course..!

20140421-063622 fm.jpg
How lucky we are to live in a part of the world where nature is always accessible!


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