Open Ended Earth Day Art

Every day should be Earth Day really – but never the less, on the 22nd April, Ted and I were down at the lake collecting ‘interesting things from nature’…

20140424-055344 fm.jpg

20140424-055411 fm.jpg
We brought our ‘interesting things’ home and used them to do some open-ended art work….

20140424-055544 fm.jpg

20140424-055622 fm.jpg

20140424-055659 fm.jpg

20140424-055727 fm.jpg
Ted’s not really in to the concept of creating a specific craft for the sake of it. He wants to touch and explore and sometimes even taste…
There is never enough glue for Ted. Rolling objects in the glue, and painting the objects with the glue, is much better than sticking the objects on the glue to make a pretty picture!

Adding some green-yellow paint (think land), and some blue paint (water), helped to add to the ‘natural effect’ – along with the brown paper from the recycling bin.

And of course, like glue, the more paint, the better. Mixing, stirring, spreading – nothing specific, just doing. Enjoying every second – and not caring about the end product….

20140424-061301 fm.jpg

20140424-061323 fm.jpg

20140424-061408 fm.jpg
…and that’s okay with me – I think it’s beautiful! 🙂


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