Farmer Ted

Lately Ted has shown a great interest in the chickens. Every morning he rushes out to get the eggs; opening the chicken house door, checking for eggs, carefully bringing them in to the house, and returning to close the chicken house door. Often he asks for a bucket of food to feed to them – throwing it out to them in the classic way.
Yesterday morning was beautiful and sunny, and I had lots if ideas for things to do. But often it’s better to just stand back, and watch them play…..

20140425-053625 fm.jpg

20140425-053651 fm.jpg

20140425-053725 fm.jpg

20140425-053803 fm.jpg

20140425-053834 fm.jpg

20140425-053859 fm.jpg

20140425-053925 fm.jpg

20140425-054004 fm.jpg

20140425-054041 fm.jpg

20140425-054115 fm.jpg
There was lots of feeding of the hens, putting ‘treasures’ in their house (pinecones and small stones), and general wondering around with the buckets. He’s taking the hens very seriously. I’m glad we got them. 😉


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