At The Milk Factory

Today we went for a trip to a farm that specialises in cows…

20140504-034033 em.jpg

20140504-034113 em.jpg

20140504-034150 em.jpg
We were shown where the cows stood in queue to be milked….

20140504-034255 em.jpg
…where they were milked….

20140504-034400 em.jpg
…and where the milk was collected…

20140504-034500 em.jpg
And we saw where the cows were fed…

20140504-034606 em.jpg
…and where the curious little calves were kept….

20140504-034723 em.jpg

20140504-034813 em.jpg
We also saw some lovely sheep….

20140504-034931 em.jpg

20140504-035009 em.jpg
….and of course, some lovely lambs..!

20140504-035120 em.jpg
Right now it’s still ‘winter’ on the farm – but pretty soon the cows will be let out to eat fresh grass.
Thank you ‘Åva Gård’ for allowing us to look inside, and for showing us round! A good time was had by all! 🙂


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