A Play Park In The 1800s…

In the southern part of Stockholm, in a rather bohemian area nicknamed Söder’ (South), there is a fantastic play park called ‘Bryggartäppan’. This play park is based on Stockholm in the 1800s…… and I’ll show you why…..

20140506-023346 em.jpg

20140506-023456 em.jpg

20140506-023537 em.jpg

20140506-023602 em.jpg
Of course, if you don’t fancy ploughing the fields, or feeding the animals, you can always take a stroll to the village…

20140506-023726 em.jpg

20140506-023824 em.jpg

20140506-023917 em.jpg
…visit the shop…

20140506-024002 em.jpg
…or the blacksmiths…

20140506-024048 em.jpg

20140506-024153 em.jpg

20140506-024217 em.jpg
…or try a little balancing….

20140506-024257 em.jpg
…the see-saw…

20140506-024339 em.jpg
…the maze….

20140506-024419 em.jpg
..or the swings…

20140506-024507 em.jpg
Tire of that, take a trip to the factory..

20140506-024627 em.jpg
…or just pop round to a neighbour’s for tea…

20140506-024730 em.jpg

20140506-024814 em.jpg

20140506-024841 em.jpg

20140506-024909 em.jpg

20140506-024955 em.jpg
If you fancy a nap, pop upstairs…

20140506-025050 em.jpg

20140506-025203 em.jpg

20140506-025254 em.jpg

20140506-025330 em.jpg
…hopefully the house is warmed up…

20140506-025543 em.jpg
When you go home…

20140506-025625 em.jpg

20140506-025651 em.jpg

20140506-025738 em.jpg
..if you find yourself ‘cut short’, don’t worry, there are public toilets available…

20140506-025904 em.jpg

20140506-025955 em.jpg


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