Two Little Boys

To use the title from Rolf Harris’ song seems most inappropriate at this time, but it’s the song I’ve always sung when I have the two boys together, and we’re sharing a good moment, and it’s the song that Ted has picked up on when he’s enjoying that moment.

To say that my two small boys have always had fun together, enjoyed each other’s company, shared laughs and games, would be a blatant lie! Quite the opposite in fact – it’s been a relationship built on sibling rivalry and frustration – and lots of fighting over mummy!

But I think we may have got over that… In the last week it seems Alfie has discovered that Ted can actually make a good playmate, and of course, having a big brother who accepts you in his play is just great, thinks Ted. There have been laughs and jokes and giggles galore…….



Yep! I think we may be on to a good thing!

Did I mention how happy I was? 🙂


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