Slugs And Snails..

Ted and I went on a nature walk after dropping off Alfie in school…

There was lots of squishing in mud…

(and splashing in puddles too), but mostly there was observation of those creatures who come out when it’s wet, but not too cold…







Of course, on the way to school, when Alfie saw the snails, he couldn’t wait until after school to collect some and ‘let the walk around the table’….which is what we did…..


We put them on black paper so we could see their trails…

…and we collected dandelion leaves and dandelions and wild flowers for them to eat…

20140513-055240.jpg we took out the mirror for some interesting reflections…



Alfie, in particular, was intrigued. He asked so many questions and had so many ideas about why they behaved in certain ways. Leon found a book for him….

We discovered that our snails were not in fact ordinary garden snails, but ‘Roman snails’, the kind of snails people like to eat. They live in cooler areas of Europe, but have recently been transported over to Asia, and gardened there, for their tasty qualities!

We learnt that snails move around on a ‘belly foot’ (can you guess why it’s called this?), and that they are molluscs, ‘shelled’ creatures, of which there are two kinds – those with a single shell (such as a snail or a crab), and those with double shells (such as clams or mussels). Snails are also relatives of octopuses and squids! And did you know that a great white shark and a snail have something in common? They both have several rows of teeth in their mouths, ready to tear apart their food!
We learnt so much more – and now Alfie has decided he has a new pet, and has made them a mollusc hotel…


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