Thoughts Of The Last Month….

I havn’t written for a while. Why? Because little Ted got accepted a place at the ‘preschool’ of our choice. And it made me sad.. 😦

Why sad you ask? Sad because he’s my last child, sad because my ultimate dream would be to homeschool, sad because homeschooling is illegal here, and sad because every single child over the age of 2 is pretty much in full time day care here – so, at 3.5 years old, Ted will soon be needing playmates…..

Oh yes, and sad, because we got the place so quickly – before the summer, not after – and it kind of put me in shock…!

So we had 3 weeks of ‘settling in’. I stayed with him for a week and all went well – some days I was impressed, some days I felt frustrated. The next week I had to leave him – he was fine. And then the next day he wasn’t. There were tears, and anger (from him, not me)… between the introduction days, there were some swedish ‘red’ days (national holidays), I was unwell, and I had some school meetings….

All in all it was rather messy, undecided and inconsistent. So I said (in the words of Max from ‘Where The Wild Things Are’) “Stop!”

After 2 weeks, I decided we would keep our place, but not start until after the summer holiday……..

On the plus side, this is a small ‘preschool’ with just 14 children, and 3 full time members of staff, run by a family, set in a family-style environment, in a little house by the lake. The kids have their own little ‘beach’, regularly grill sausages on the fire pit, sometimes go out on the lake in the little rowing boat, and sing before they eat together. They go on trips every week, and are flexible with your child coming once, or five times, a week. Two members of staff often put on plays, and do enactments in front of the kids, and there’s always a theme of the week. It’s essentially a Christian orientated preschool, which I like, because the kids are taught how to take care of each other, and of the nature around them – plus they do a nativity play at Christmas!

Maya and Alfie both went here, it’s run by a friend of mine, Ted has named his cuddly toy dog ‘Honey’ after the preschool dog, and he now reminds me to say ‘Amen’ when we eat food at lunch time……I think he’s going to do just fine…… πŸ˜‰

So meanwhile, I’ve been savouring every single moment with him, doing the simple things that little people like to do…..

Feeding the ducks…


Watering the flowers…


Chasing bubbles…..


Splashing in the puddles….


Playing with water….


And sand…..


Playing at the beach….




Using, what we call, “dobber dobbers..”…


Drawing round our hands and feet (Ted just loves this..)….


Mixing pancakes…


…and of course, play dough…..

The simple things are the best.. πŸ™‚


One thought on “Thoughts Of The Last Month….

  1. You are so right that the simple things are best. I am so sorry for your sadness and that you cannot homeschool. It does sound like a great place for him to be, however, and now you have the summer together. You are in my thoughts and prayers. (hugs)]

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