Goodbye Ebba. School is out…

Breaking up for the summer is a big thing here in Sweden – nearly three long months of sun and long hours of daylight beckon – kids (and teachers) long to get out and about – and July is pretty much a ‘national holiday’ here, where most people stop working, businesses take a break, and people spend time as a family.

The kids (and teachers) dress up in dresses and shirts, and give an end of year concert, singing traditional swedish summer songs.

It’s often a tearful event – and this year was no exception….

With three different kids at three different schools right now, we had three different end of year summer celebrations. Leon’s was an evening event, with a family picnic in the park, whereas Maya and Alfie’s were the more traditional school concert, with cake and ice-cream in the school yard (and with Maya’s group of friends, a small theatre production!). They were both on the same day, at the same time, so it turned out that Richard went to Alfie’s, and I went to Maya’s.

And as said earlier, this year, it was an extremely tearful event – and it’s Maya’s I’m concentrating on….


The world’s best teacher. No. Really. In fact she even won a prize this year, for being the best teacher in the ‘kommun’ (state/county).
Ebba. Whom the children have had for three years. Who gives everything. Who gives them love, security, teaches them so much in such creative ways, and with whom they have so much fun!

Here she sheds a tear, telling us, she’s not lost 24 pupils, but 24 friends…

I have never been to such an end of year event where there were so many tears, and so much sadness, from teacher, from kids, and from parents. Truly a well loved teacher, in every aspect.

Here is Maya saying her goodbye to Ebba (and class help Jasmin)…



A difficult day for everyone. But as I wrote in Ebba’s letter, we were so lucky to have a teacher like her, and I wish every child in the world had a teacher like her – the world would be a better place for it.
And as a school tradition for year 3 in this school, who now have to leave this school, to new beginnings in ‘middle school’ – there was a heart shaped balloon sent in to the sky, as a sign of good luck..❤️
Thank you Ebba, for an amazing three years, and good luck Maya in your next school. 😃


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