A Little Bit Of Stone Age History

I’m sneakily trying to pop in a little of everything in to our english lessons – perhaps this is my secret home education ploy? 😉

We started with cups of tea, and talked about the importance of communication through language – pointing out, of course, that learning to speak and understand another language, particularly english, was also important in this case. In order to put this in to practise, we played a simple game of charades – each child was given 3 minutes to draw something that s/he was thinking – while the other children had to guess. Of course, the child drawing was not allowed to use language at all – and all the guessing had to be done in english…


This was a lot of fun – and there was a lot of laughter!
I likened this lack of language to when there were cave men – how did they communicate? And of course, they partly communicated by the pictures carved and painted in their caves..
I wanted them to ‘imagine’ how it would be to draw in a cave, so we taped paper under the table and drew our ‘rock paintings’ looking upwards…


Using our fingers we then mixed some special powdered paint, made to look as if it were various colours of elements from the ground…

…and using various postcards for inspiration…

…we (finger) painted our pictures….





Our last part of the lesson was for the kids to go out and make tools, which may have been used in stone age times….






The boys got on to this straight away, but interestingly, the girls fixed up a transport system with baskets to carry sticks for tools….although the tools never actually got made! 😉

Of course, I insisted that there was english being spoken the entire time…. 🙂

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