Radiant Red!

I’ve noticed that Ted’s still a little unsure about his colours – I’m not sure if he’s mixing colour names and languages, but, although he has a better idea now, I decided to try to make it a little more concrete…starting with the colour red….
Every day we read a (swedish) book, appropriately named ‘Nicholas’ Red Day’…

…a charming book about a little boy who discovers how the colour red can make people happy…


Nicholas discovered that his favourite fruit was red (strawberries), that red roses smelt wonderful, and that the red traffic light means ‘Stop’, among other things.

Ted and I went for a walk spotting red things – cars, buses, signposts, berries on trees, and a red traffic light. We stopped, and we didn’t cross till the light turned green. We went to the shop and chose red things for lunch – strawberries, red currants, cherry tomatoes and red peppers…

A little later we made a red collage – red paint, red glue, and lots of red items to choose from…



During the week we picked red plums (yes, ours are really more red than purple!)…

..we made red rose petal play dough…



….we played with red stones in a red tray with red containers….

…and the small boys had a red bath too ! πŸ˜‰
I think we’ve got red covered! πŸ™‚


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