Voting Time

It’s voting time here in Sweden. And just as we did four years a go, we again, had our own family vote…

Having talked about the different parties, and the most likely prime ministers..



Each and every family member made up their own party..


The ‘Outside Party’ (Maya offering at least 3.5 hours of outside play per day plus help with more chores at home), the ‘U Party’ (Leon offering the cat a chance to sleep inside the kitchen and not just the laundry room at night, and a chance to ban the keeping of insects and animals for observation), the ‘Alfie Party’ (offering more Saturday sweeties and more computer game time), the ‘Nabbi Party’ (Ted offering the chance to eat plums and buy watermelon), the ‘Wire Party’ (Richard offering homemade apple sauce on pancakes and more forest walks), and the ‘Mamma Party’ (myself offering a ban on being out of bed before 7am, and a regular weekly family film night with popcorn).
And then the voting began….


The results:
Alfie Party ; 1
Mamma Party ; 2
Nabbi Party ; 1
Outside Party ; 1
U Party ; 2
Wire Party ; 0
It was a joint win – a collaboration between the ‘Mamma Party’ and the ‘U Party’!
Of course, every voting day should end with a democracy cake…



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