Feeding The Birds At English Club

In English club we read this book…

..a very old fashioned book, based on Peter Bruegel’s painting ‘The hunters in the snow’. It’s a story about a young girl, who works for her parents in an inn, serving mean hunters, and longs to be free like a bird. One day she finds a small bird with a broken wing, and has to secretly nurse it back to health, before letting it free in the mountains.
This is a picture book, but not a particularly easy read for those for whom english is not a first language.
We talked about the picture that the book was inspired by…..

…talked about how the picture made us feel, about the darkness and the cold, the harshness of the winter, and about who might suffer from it… Which brought us on to birds…
And then I gave them ingredients, and instructions, to make their own bird feed…

It was then just to read, follow, and work together (speaking english of course!)…





The kids really enjoyed this…so much that Maya made an extra, ‘fancy’ one for the chickens…

We later hung them up for the birds to enjoy…



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