Another SuperMario party?!

At the weekend Alfie had his 7th birthday party. His wish was to have a SuperMario party….well, we did this, combining it a little with ‘dragons and knights’…

Translation: “Alfie needs your help! Princess Peach has been captured and we need to save her.
Meet us at…. on…..
Take with you a sword and shield, if you have one.
We hope to save her by 5.30pm…”
Maya made a huge cardboard box castle (unfortunately I have no photos of it), big enough to fit a large child – ‘Princess Peach’ – played by Maya’s friend Filippa….

We made some ‘Gombas’ out of cardboard, for ‘musical Gombas’ (ie/when the music stops, jump on a Gomba; slowly take the Gombas away….)…


Maya and Filippa made a SuperMario cake featuring marzipan pipes and poisonous flowers (later some printed and cut out characters on sticks were added)….

We had rented out a school gymnastics hall which enabled us to set up an obstacle course (think SuperMario level), which the children could get themselves through while listening to SuperMario music.
When the children arrived, I explained the fate of our princess (who on cue shouted for help from her cardboard castle), saying that they had to complete three challenges (levels) to free her….

…the first challenge being to find, and mark off (we had prepared a ticking chart for each child) 30 coins and 10 mushrooms that had been hidden around the gym hall….


…during which time they could move freely through the obstacle course…and this first game was very popular!
Once each child had marked off their coins/mushrooms (they were encouraged to help each other), they listened eagerly to the next challenge (level)…

….’musical Gombas’….

…another very popular game…

…everyone squeezed themselves on to that very last Gomba! And I got caught in the middle! 😉
Then we took a break for hot dogs and birthday cake in the changing rooms (!)…



Until it was time for the last challenge (level)! To defeat ‘Bowser’!
We had hung up a black dragon pinata, and after the throwing of ‘fireballs’ (rolled up brown paper balls covered in red tape handed to each child at the beginning of the party) had not defeated our enemy, we asked the children take out their swords, and stand in line to help defeat ‘Bowser’ to free our Princess!




Once defeated, sweeties fell (much to Alfie’s surprise) – and Ted cried (as he didn’t realise we would have to chop the dragon’s head off) – and our Princess was freed! “Hurrah” we cheered!
And last of all, present opening…..

…and a very happy Alfie..!



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