‘Christmas Tree’ Sensory Box

By mixing dried green split peas and dried white beans, this made for a nice ‘Christmas tree’ mix (think evergreen and snow!). I also added some Christmas sequins which added shine and a festive feel – but unfortunately they can’t be seen in the picture as they were hidden underneath…

I also added a Christmas tree baking tray, and an uncut strip of tinsel – plus scissors…

…a tall green tin thermos (think of that lovely clanging sound when the dried peas/beans are dropped into it), and lots of tools – a funnel, tongs, measuring cups, a spaghetti scoop and a metal ladle…


I left it open ended to see what would happen….having the tray near the play kitchen encouraged extra role play….first he used the ladle to scoop the material into the baking tray, to make ‘goulash soup’…

Later using fingers…and trying the tongs when he spilled (very tricky)…

The play plates came out for serving…


…before moving on to scooping the peas/beans through the funnel into the thermos…


To be fair, we’ve had this sensory tray out for a week or so now, and it’s been very popular and used in many ways. Although the sense of the peas/beans spilling through hands is wonderful, the practise of using different tools is both important and fun for Ted – as well as the role play of course! 😉


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