Ski Trip To Sälen, Dalarna…

On Sunday we actually did the six hour drive to Sälen, in Dalarna, where we are presently, staying in a large ‘flat’ at a ski resort. We are staying in a flat opposite our Swedish relatives – grandma, auntie and uncle, and cousins – whom we shall be celebrating Christmas with – just as we did here last year.
Yesterday was our first full day here, and although it took a while to get ourselves going, with the trying on of ski boots and skis, and the putting on of various winter clothes, Alfie had his first ski lesson of the season (and loved it)….

…and although Leon and Maya can already ski, they will be taking lessons to extend their skills, of which their first was yesterday – having also done a bit of extra ski-ing with Richard and myself. Here they are, returning to the flat, exhausted…

…getting sideways up that slope to put those skis away…


It’s thoroughly beautiful here…here are some quick pics I took while R & I had an hour ski-ing alone while the kids were at their lessons (and farmor had Ted)…


…and outside our flat ..

Of course it is completely dark here by 3pm, so we have to keep ourselves busy inside after being in the snow and on the slopes…..



….and sometimes, a little watching too….

We’re going to be here a week and I hope we’re going to have a great time! 😉


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