Learning About Illusions

This last week has been a slow one. Lots of hanging around at home, people for dinner, playing with friends…and it’s been quite nice. Nice to have that time to sit down with individual children and have some quality time.
This week we’ve played board games and read books, built with lego and knex, watched children’s films from long ago, made baking soda volcanoes, painted porcelain russian dolls, and so on…
The nicest thing this week, however, was having an extended time with Leon, discovering his new ‘Illusion Science’ kit…

…a brilliant book of tricks of the eye, and tricks of the brain, with explanations included…

…the possibility of drawing 3D pictures (3D eyeglasses included)….

….and a spinning top with different patterns…




“Why can’t we do this kind of thing in school?” Leon asked..
An excellent learning resource, and a lot of fun! Highly recommended! 👀👍


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