Plans For 2015

I can’t remember if it was the day before new years day, or on the day itself, but talk about our individual plans for 2015 we did!
If I remember correctly, Teddy’s plans were to play and play and play ; Alfie’s were to swim and to go to more indoor play places ; Maya’s were to teach me to knit (see below) and build a lego city and sew up Ted’s cuddly toys if they break and to have a sugar free week ; Leon’s were to visit England and to stop school (well, that’s another post altogether!) ; Richard’s were to run three times a week and to holiday somewhere warm. Mine?

Mine were as follows….

1) To eat more vegetarian food.
This is not because I want to be more healthy (although of course I do) but because I actually realise, that I just don’t like meat all that much…..apart from fish that is…. 🐡

2) To run twice a week.
For obvious reasons… it’s just not always easy to make time…🏃

3) To get Alfie swimming like a fish!
Alfie is 7 now, and despite swimming lessons, just doesn’t seem to have got that grasp on swimming yet…🏊

4) To learn to knit!
Yes, it’s true. Despite the ability of both my daughter and my mother to knit amazing things, I’ve just not learnt that skill yet! 🎨

5) To learn to make really good bread!
Yes, another skill I’ve missed out on learning! 🍞

6) To take Leon and Maya to London again.
Last year we had so much fun! Plus, of course, we have to see our friends! 🇬🇧

So that’s it! Plans for 2015!
Let’s see how many we can accomplish! 😉


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