Alfie’s Art ; Inspired By ‘Minecraft’

On average, Alfie spends about two hours a day drawing….

His collection of pens – and his love of them, and need to take care of them – is a constant source of amusement to us…

However, Alfie doesn’t draw ‘normal’ things. Alfie draws ‘banas’ (levels), inspired by his older brother, inspired by platform games (of which he plays very few), and inspired by his own role play (which usually combines a little lego man, cuddly toy, or ‘gogo’, and a setting out of what we would term ‘random objects’, but which he would see as ‘an adventure’ for his ‘man’)…
…..however, recently his drawings have changed. In the last week, Alfie (who is allowed to play on the computer for one hour on a monday, and one hour on a friday), has been introduced to the building world of ‘Minecraft’. He, and his friend Vilma, have been creating their own houses and villages, and Alfie’s drawings have turned in to this….


IMG_5512.JPG 😉


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