A Fabulous Book!

I got this book from the library recently. Originally I got it for Ted, but having read it, I realised it was more appropriate for Alfie (7), particularly due to the incredibly detailed, unusual pictures.
My version is in Swedish, but I’ve seen there is an english translation…

‘Where Is My Sister?’ by Sven Nordqvist, is written and illustrated by the same person who wrote the ‘Pettersson and Findus’ books ; books with crazy, old fashioned details, unexpected surprises and – in this case -fabulous colour….

The story of a brother mouse, who loses his sister mouse, in a world of imaginative wonder….

In each sentence you can feel the sense of love the brother has for his sister, and the sense of excitement he gets from his sister’s fantastical journeys….

..and as is with all the Sven Nordqvist books, one can spend ages just looking at the amazing pictures – something which of course, Alfie, our ‘detailed’ artist, certainly did! 😉🌈🎨

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