Touching The Antarctic!

This week we’ve been looking at the antarctic…
Alfie can now point out both the arctic and the antarctic on the map, and give basic differences – thanks be to David Attenborough and ‘Frozen Planet’, but also to his world sticker book…

We have been reading about penguins – both of these excellent books are full of factual information, however, the second one is a fictional story…


We filled our sensory box with salt and penguins, and Ted has been having a good play, with a the more basic polar animal book beside him….



Maya, Alfie and I have been painting penguins, and making finger-print penguins…



I think Ted did the ‘northern lights’…

2015/02/img_5743.jpg 😉
…and Alfie and I have briefly touched on explorers…reading about ‘race’ to the antarctic….

2015/02/img_5745.jpg this book of ‘important maps’…

Plus, ironically, on the back of our milk packet this week we have a little information about polar explorers..

..which includes a website (with english translation) ‘’ about recent research and expeditions to both the north and south pole, including blogs by researchers, and some very interesting photographs… 👍😊


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