A Valentines Week

It’s been a week of Valentines here, starting with the making and decorating of heart shape cookies in English Club….

…with the change of the sensory tray to a Valentines theme…

..with various books. This one, a very basic one for Ted, explaining what Valentines day is…

..this wonderful story, also for Ted, about a baby who is just loved SO much. Alfie loved this when he was smaller, especially when the baby’s cousin loved him so much he wanted to fight him! 😉 It seemed Ted shared this love of the book, and asked me to read it many times! Excellent!

This one, for Alfie’s age and older, a humorous story about the facts of love. What is love? How does it feel? Who can love? What can you love? Is love a good or a bad feeling? Brilliant! And yes, there is an english translation!

Finally, this book, for Alfie’s age and older. A factual book explaining about the organ ‘the heart’ and how it works. This was detailed, but simple, and a very good first human biology book.

Then, of course, we painted hearts…

…and decorated them…

We played ‘keep the balloon off the ground’ with our lovely heart shaped balloons…

…and had a simple Valentine themed math ‘centre’…


I thought I had bought small decorative hearts (I found these in a garden shop), but it turned out they were made of chocolate – and it didn’t take Alfie long to find out! So now we just have the paper hearts left!
Finally, we had a Valentines waffle breakfast..

…and our lovely Maya, arranged the traditional family Valentines dinner, all by herself….

…burgers in heart shapes, pink pasta, red ‘love’ sauce, cherry tomatoes, and red peppers in heart shapes…

…lets just see those heart shaped peppers again..

What a wonderful surprise!
We hope you had a happy Valentines too! ❤️


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