Pancakes & Semla

Our pancake day is always a mixture of pancakes and semla nowadays , being a ‘Swenglish’ family…
We started with the reading of one of our favourite traditional tales….

…a little like the ‘Gingerbread Man’, where everyone wants to eat him, and run after him to try to catch him, until eventually a clever pig outwits him and eats him all up. The kids love this one!
Followed by the watching of ‘The pancake cake’ with our present favourite story characters ‘Pettson and Findus’ – we don’t have the book, so the televised version had to suffice….

…the story of the making of a pancake cake, and all the events that happen along the way.

Later, Alfie tried his hand at a little sight reading on pancakes (flip the pancake over when you can read the word) – and I’m happy to say he got every word without a problem! Not bad for a second language! This idea came via ‘Nurture Store’.


We ended the day with Ted helping with the making of pancakes…


(the setting of the table was an important process too, complete with extra paper plates, and napkins for each person..)
And finally, the eating of the swedish semla…

Happy ‘Fat Tuesday’ (as they say here!) 😊!


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