A Little About China & Chinese New Year

When we lived in California, the celebration of Chinese New Year was rife and wouldn’t go unseen, so naturally we touched on the celebration – and we usually continue to do so today….
I set up a discovery table. A globe where we found out where China was, a Chinese New Year dragon puppet, a toy panda, an abacus, some noodles, some tea, a book about China, and two classic books with stories based in China.

We read four books – the first an excellent basic, but informative, fact book about China…

….the second, the classic story ‘Tikki tikki tembo’ about the first born son with the long name…

…and thirdly ‘The Story About Ping’ about the duck who lived on the Yangtze River….

Lastly, a rather fun pop-up fact book about pandas…


We made Chinese lanterns…

…and of course we couldn’t go without trying out a Chinese recipe…


…vegetable and prawn wok stir fry with noodles – delicious! 😀🍜🎋


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