In Anticipation Of Spring

I can’t imagine that there are many places around the world where people wait in anticipation of Spring, quite as much as we do here in Sweden.
Our nature shelf is waiting too, a clean and simply decorated shelf….

…with only a postcard and the snowdrop fairy patiently waiting….

…and the cherry blossom buds very carefully and slowly starting to creep out…

We’ve had tulips sitting in a vase brightening up the dining room table. Now they’ve ‘gone over’, and we’ve been eagerly dissecting them..

..and drawing them…

IMG_6190 if to make it seem that Spring is a little nearer.
We have snowdrop shoots and crocus shoots just at the cuff of sprouting in the garden, but an early morning frost keeps them at bay…but on our nature walk yesterday, on the corner of the street, in a particularly sunny spot, lo and behold, the first flower of Spring was seen….

Alfie and Ted looked in excitement, very careful not to step on it. “Take a photo mummy!” said Alfie – isn’t it amazing, that when we take the time, to look, and to appreciate, the small things in life , our children do too? 😊🌷


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