Making Marmalade (Courtesy Of Paddington)!

After Alfie and I watched, and really enjoyed the new film ‘Paddington’, I decided to buy the Paddington chapter book for him while in London…

…as well as a Paddington bear each for the small boys. Ted’s is the one on the left, Alfie’s the one on the right – which he insists is ‘the real Paddington’ without the duffel coat and welly boots… 😉

I set up a ‘Paddington table’, with a picture book, a puzzle, some stickers – and a ‘party book’ from when I was small…

..and it wasn’t long before Alfie was insisting we made marmalade! 😊🍊🍯
800g oranges
1kg sugar (with added pectin)
4dl water (about 1 1/2 cups)
……….was all that was needed!

Alfie was a star at cutting up all the oranges….

….while Ted poured in the sugar and the water…


Then we simply left it to boil for 15 minutes (without the lid)…

..and when cool, poured it in to jars…

Absolutely delicious – and easy too! 😘👍


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