Discovering Stars

The skies in Sweden are mostly clear at night, and in March, a perfect time for star watching.

I started with reading two books to Alfie and Ted – fictional books about stars…


…both thoroughly enjoyed 😊
Later I then read a factual book about stars with Alfie…

IMG_6233 goes in to detail about what a star is, what they are made of, our nearest star, the constellations, and the colours of the stars…

This book was the perfect level for Alfie, and it inspired much conversation.
Later I took the english group – plus Alfie – outside for a star walk, using a booklet of constellations I had printed out from the scout group…

It was a beautifully clear night, and we managed to find and point out quite a few constellations. Maya and Alfie were particularly excited by this!
We went inside, and using the wet on wet technique, using diluted food colouring in pipettes, we painted our skies. We sprinkled salt on afterwards, giving it a ‘glittery’ look. And then we added star stickers, to make a constellation – either one we had seen, or our own..




Three children made real constellations (can you see which ones they are?), and one made his own…’smiley face’…
Alfie joined us after the painting, and made his own just using stickers…

The next day, Alfie and Ted painted their own. Alfie’s is the top one, entitled ‘the picture’…


We must try to go on another star walk soon! 😊🌙⭐️


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