On Choosing Alternative ‘Preschool’…

We chose to keep Ted out of a traditional preschool. In Sweden it is illegal to homeschool, and there are so very few children at home to play with, and meet in the daytimes, so we took an ‘alternative’ route…

Ted was lucky enough to get a place in ‘kyrkan’s barntimmar’ – which translated, means ‘the church children’s hour’. At a local church, eleven children between 3 – 5 years old meet for three mornings a week, for 2.5 hours each time, with two wonderful educated ladies, in a well resourced and organised classroom – with beautiful toys of all sorts, a ‘kuddrum’ (soft play room), a painting room, and their own cloakroom with their own pegs and cupboards.

In many parts of the world people would have to pay a lot of money for this kind of ‘preschool’ – and we pay nothing. Maya went to a similar group, but in a different church – but sadly it closed down the following year. Most of these church ‘preschool’ groups have closed down due to lack of children, the simple reason being that most children are now in full-time daycare at state/private preschools, and very few parents choose to stay at home after the child is 1 year old. Despite the popularity of these state/private preschools, they are oversubscribed, overcrowded, children are often known to come in with colds and viruses, personnel are tired and underpaid, and ‘daycare’ sometimes takes the place of ‘quality early childhood education’. Swedish early childhood education was once one of the best in the world – but sadly I think those days have gone. 😔

So, despite the frowns, and the questions of “when is he going to start?”, I am happy that we have been lucky enough to find our ‘kyrkans barntimmar’ and I’m happy we made the choice to be ‘different’…


…and today the parents and younger siblings were invited to take part in Easter crafts…



….something we all really enjoyed. 😊


2 thoughts on “On Choosing Alternative ‘Preschool’…

  1. How wonderful! It sounds like a nice place. My oldest went to a private preschool, but it closed too because of low attendance due to free public preschool.

  2. 😊 yes, it is a lovely place – just so sad that places close because everyone is expected to follow the ‘norm’ 😔 Oh well! We were so very lucky to find this place! 😄

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