Easter Day

We had a lovely day – very much based around the food table I must add….. 😉
Starting with the Easter breakfast – Easter bread, toasted hot cross buns (of course we had to have these on Good Friday too!), the usual ‘fil’ and cereal, and the ‘Påsk Hare’ (Easter bunny) had left the children a small chocolate egg in an egg cup, and a small present each…

And after a long breakfast, and a long period of time using their new gifts, and/or playing, Farmor (Swedish grandma) arrived for lunch…
…possibly the biggest lunch we’ve ever had! 😄

Richard cooked and went all out! Not a traditional Easter lunch at all (which in Sweden is very much like the Swedish Christmas lunch with boiled potatoes, pickled herring, egg halves, meatballs and ham..). Instead we had asparagus soup with garlic bread ; beetroot and goats cheese pie with mussels and chips and salad, with English sausages and chicken sticks included for the fussier children ; ice cream with chocolate sauce for pudding…along with wine for the grownups and ‘Påskmust’ for the children (a traditional fizzy drink rather akin to root beer sold in Sweden only at Christmas and Easter).

It was delicious and we could barely move afterwards!

In the afternoon I had arranged an Easter egg hunt based on clues around the house for everyone – I think Alfie would have preferred the traditional ‘hide the eggs in the garden’ hunt, but I’ll do that for him and Ted next year. Sometimes it’s good to try something new! And the English style chocolate eggs were much appreciated I do believe! 😋

We hope you had a lovely Easter day too!
Today I think we’ll have to walk off all those calories…… 😅🚶


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