‘Coming Back To Life’

This week feels like a week of ‘coming back to life’…..the sun is shining again and it is warmer than it was, the flowers are starting to bloom, and, the best thing of all for Alfie ; the insects are starting to come out!
Yesterday Alfie and his friend Lilly, spent literally hours observing and collecting ants in the ‘insect city’….



You just can’t believe the joy that boy has when the ‘creatures’ come out ‘to play’….! πŸ˜‰
Ted and I had been reading this book…

..an annual classic, which tells the story of Alfie the bear (no, really, 😊) who keeps waking up from hibernation to tell him mum that Spring has arrived.
I did another blackboard drawing depicting a bird’s nest with eggs, new leaves on trees, and tiny chicks with their mother hen…

We talked about the first signs of Spring, and indeed ‘life’. Ted was concerned that the chicks needed something to eat, so gave them some worms…..

IMG_6559 πŸ˜„
We talked a lot about the birds today, about how the birds will be building nests and needing food and laying eggs. And so we painted a bird house that we had….


….and made a bird feeder…



…and hung it in our ‘magic garden’…
A few months ago, Maya’s manic climbing resumed in the knocking down of the bird box from the big elm tree.

We havn’t got round to putting it up again yet, and as there is a bird’s nest still inside, it gave us the perfect opportunity to observe it, and discuss what kind of things a bird uses to make his nest soft….


…which gave us the idea of making a ‘self service’ box for the birds for nest building, which we then hung up in the ‘magic garden’ along with the feeder….


Now it’s just to see if we have any bird visitors….. ? πŸ˜‰


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