Cows And Sheep

Ted is our farmer. Every day he’s out with the hens collecting their eggs. He just loves to be outside, in all weathers, and I could easily imagine him mucking out the cows!

He remembers visiting the dairy farm last year surprisingly well, and has recently been talking about it. Chickens give us eggs, and cows give us milk – “but what else do cows give us?” he asked…

Well, he was quite shocked that cows give us so much! 😳
When I said we could make butter, he wanted to make it straight away!
First we tasted the difference between milk and cream….

…then filled a jar with cream (and popped in a pinch of salt and a marble)…

…put the lid on, and shook….


When it became a lump (after the whipped cream), we drained out the buttermilk, rinsed the butter quickly with cold water, put it on a saucer, and tried it on hard bread….

We then read two books about cows. One fictional…

IMG_6593 amusing story about a cow who gets tricked by the hens in to laying an egg..
…and a fact book…

…which is an excellent basic fact book about the farm, showing in detail the milking process…

We then read a wonderful fictional book about a little boy who has a pet sheep, and who cuts its wool to make a jumper from it…


It has old fashioned beautiful pictures, and tells the whole process of carding, spinning and weaving the wool to make cloth, to sew in to clothes.
Then, we just happened to have some real unwashed sheeps’ wool, which we had to, of course smell and touch…

…which in turn led us to making our collage sheep…


…which was actually what inspired Ted to make the great long farm collage in the previous post!
Seems like a good time then to take out our lovely farm….

….which Ted quickly filled up with animals…and other things besides…! 😜




IMG_6579 πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‰


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