THE Harry Potter Party!

Maya has long been a devoted fan of the ‘Harry Potter’ books and films, and for several weeks now, she and her friend Elin, have been planning a ‘Harry Potter’ party!

Translation : ‘ You are warmly welcomed to a magical sleepover at Hogwart’s school of witchcraft and wizardry!’

We rented out the scout cottage in the forest for one night, and decorated it accordingly…

…with the house flags (also the house colours of paper chains and balloons in each corner), black cats (Professor McGonagall welcoming the students)…

…and dementors guarding the ‘castle’….

…and not to forget ‘moaning Myrtle’ in the toilets….

We dressed up accordingly. Maya and Elin as Ravenclaw prefects (that was their preference), Elin’s mum as Professor Snape, and myself as Professor McGonagall….

The evening started with a welcoming drink of ‘butter-beer’….

..a recipe Maya found on the internet…

…followed by the sorting of the students into the houses….

…with the help of the sorting hat (sewn by Maya)….

Maya and Elin had organised it so that each time a student had their name called out, and sat on the stool having the sorting hat placed on his/her head by Professor McGonagall (myself), inside the hat was a walkie talkie which Elin’s mum (who was hidden) had the other walkie talkie, and replied as to which ‘house’ the student would be in. Brilliant!
After which they were given a wand each, and their badge (see above).

The evening continued with the ‘potions’ class – the mixing of their own fizzy drinks, and adding of different fruits – of which unfortunately I have no photos. 🍹
It was then time for the game of Quidditch, which Maya and Elin organised very well, hanging up hoops on rope opposite each other in the yard, explaining the rules, and getting each ‘house’ to play against one another until the final winner….


This was much enjoyed, and the kids were exhausted afterwards! πŸ˜…
It was then time for the Hogwarts feast…

Gryffindor and Hufflepuff at one table….

…Slytherin and Ravenclaw at the other….

..with time for the sorting hat cake…


It was then time for the game of ‘Dementors and Patronus’ which was a much enjoyed game found in ‘The Harry Potter Party Book’..



The kids played this game, and some others, for a good hour, organised by Maya and Elin, totally unaided by us grownups. Fantastic!
And then time for grilling marshmallows over the fire….

Maya and Elin had then organised another game, which involved finding the right key to Hagrid’s cottage – lots of ‘keys’ (made from paper), hanging from the roof of the front porch…

..before finding the correct key (the real one).
I’m not sure how this game worked and didn’t see it, as I was inside hanging up the (homemade) ‘Golden Snitch’ pinata….

…which of course came next…

…after which, the kids shared out the sweets beautifully (and then time for present opening)..

The evening ended with getting in to their pyjamas and sleeping bags and the watching of a film – naturally, Harry Potter! πŸ˜ƒ
And the verdict? “The best party we’ve ever been to!” πŸ‘πŸ˜†πŸ‘‹πŸ»

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