The Union Jack : English Club

At English Club yesterday we decided to learn a little about England and the Union Jack.

First by setting out a ‘tips promenad’ – a set of questions hung around the garden to be answered…



There were ten questions, most of them quite simple – but the goal to read and answer them in English, not so simple! 😉
1. What is the Union Jack?
2. What are the colours of the Union Jack?
3. What countries are represented on the Union Jack?
4. Who is the patron Saint of England?
5. Who is the present ruler of England?
6. What is the capital of England?
7. Name a famous person from England
8. Name a famous building in England
9. Name a traditional food from England
10. Name a famous symbol of England
The kids enjoyed this, and it wasn’t as easy as you may think – and their answers were not always expected! For example, Jack the Ripper was one groups answer to a famous person from England – and the pound sign, plus the red lion from Richard the Lion-heart’s shield were famous symbols. 😃

Next we each had a photocopy of the Union Jack, and step by step, by looking at each flag of each separate country, we coloured in each flag, in order to complete the Union Jack…





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