Observing Flowers

Observing flowers is a must every year. 😊
We use this book…

…which is simple but succinct…

Primrose, Violet, Crocus and Dandelion have taken the place of Snowdrop on the nature shelf….

….along with Ted’s ‘tussilago’ he made at the church playgroup.
Dandelions are always a favourite with us. Good for making crowns and necklaces….

This one Ted decided he wanted to leave on a path for the bees to find….

Though we took a bunch home and put them in a vase on the nature shelf…

..and simply waited for them to seed. An amazing chance to learn about the ‘dandelion clock’…

Some foam flowers we had from a craft kit have also found their way on the nature shelf. These were too tricky for Ted to do, but he loves beautiful things, and insisted I made them for the nature shelf….


We have a large box of seeds which we have now taken out…

…and have been looking closely at some of the different seeds…

..while we wait for the seeds we have planted, to grow….

IMG_6983 😊🌱


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