The Milk Experiment

While the older three were making their film, I decided to keep Ted happy with the milk experiment.

We’ve tried the milk experiment before, but it is so much fun, that we just have to try it again, and again… 😜

A tray of milk, with some drops of food colouring in – put washing up liquid on the end of an earbud, and dip it in to the food colouring….





 Mix it a little….

  Take a print…

  And try it one more time….








 And take a couple more prints….


 Love it! If you havn’t tried it, do! πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸ”¬ 

On Making A FilmΒ 

It’s the first week of the summer holidays, after we are home from Croatia. Overall the kids have been busy, and have been able to find things to do. 

But yesterday we had a dip. With all four children at home, from age 4 to age 13, and with no car, and the weather patchy with rain…we had a day of “what shall we do?” πŸ˜‰

I suggested to Leon and Maya that they go off and find something to do together – go for a bike ride, go fishing, go to buy flowers for their gardens, go to the play park, etc, etc. But it wasn’t until I suggested making a film, did their eyes light up! πŸ˜ƒ

And evidently, they wanted Alfie in the film too!

So here they are, making their film….


…and of course, the film was based on Alfie’s favourite character – Mario!

I won’t say there were not moments of bickering…but overall they worked beautifully, and I felt very proud that these three children of different ages could do this together – and I just loved the end result! πŸ‘πŸ˜€

An Invitation To Play ; Using Old Pens

Well, we had some old pens that barely worked – and I’ve noticed with old pens, that if you dip them in water, they work for just a little bit more time.

So, instead of throwing them straight in the bin, while Ted was having a moment of craziness, I used them as a basis for ‘an invitation to play’…..


It worked very well thank you! A moment of peace AND creativity! πŸ˜‰πŸŽ¨

Maya’s String Vase

Back in rainy Sweden πŸ˜‰β˜”οΈ we’ve unpacked, said hello to our animals, and settled in. Each child has already met up with a friend, Richard is back at work, and I’ve had a (failed !) driving theory test and a scout meeting to attend. Yesterday we took the little ones to an indoor play place to get rid of all their energy on a terribly rainy summer day – in short, we’re back to normal again. 😜

However, it doesn’t take Maya long to get crafting….

Using a craft book as a guide, some homemade glue (flour and water), string, and an oddly shaped balloon, she made this…..

She blew up the balloon, set it in a glass (to keep it still), dipped the string in the glue mixture, and wound it around the balloon. Then she left it to dry.

We didn’t know what to expect with this oddly shaped balloon. As I predicted the string probably needed more glue, and the top piece broke off easily when dry.

But that didn’t stop Maya from using her imagination….

…she made it into a vase….


Croatia ; The Last Few Days

Tomorrow we leave for Sweden.

We’ve had a wonderful time and would rather be staying here in the sun for a few more days than to be returning to what is a cold and rainy Sweden! πŸ˜‰β˜”οΈ

However, the last few days have been very relaxing, despite a very thundery cold day on Friday…

We took a stroll up to Motovun again, where we tasted different types of olive oil…


…tried truffle risotto…

…and had an ice-cream…

Yesterday we went to another water park, and despite the slightly cold and cloudy weather, had a lot of fun. Ted it seems, enjoyed the different stones on the ‘beach’ the most, and found an array of rainbow colours among them…

We had been invited to dinner with an old work collegue of Richard’s who just happened to have a summer house in the area – and a Croatian wife…

…and were served with wonderful food!

Alfie and Ted enjoyed foraging from their cherry trees and playing with their son, while Leon and Maya sat pilotely listening to the adult conversation – and hearing the slightly disturbing, yet powerful, story of the father who had escaped the war in Iran on train by hiding in a suitcase. The man in the green shirt, is of Iranian descent and born in Iran, and was only six years old. His parents joined him and his brother (also smuggled over) in Sweden a year later, during which time the kids had been in a children’s home. 

An amazing and sad story which makes us think more deeply about the traumas of present refugees in the world right now. A real learning experience for us, as well as Leon and Maya!

Today was a beautiful hot and sunny day – too perfect to be sitting in a car! 

So we spent much of the day swimming in the pool….starting with ice-pops in pyjamas! πŸ˜†

   ..before swimming…

This holiday we’ve seen some amazing sights and had some lovely sunshine. We’ve learnt about Croatian history, and some of its Roman history. We’ve tasted Croatian food, and learnt about what foods grow here in Croatia (olives, grapes and truffles). We’ve learnt some words of Croatian, and about it’s religion. We’ve learnt that dinosaurs once lived in this habitat and seen their fossilized footprints. We’ve observed insects and small ‘creeps’ we’ve never seen before. We’ve swam and we’ve hiked ; we’ve laughed and played games.

Alfie is now able to swim for at least a width without arm bands and his head above water; Maya has learnt how to play poker ; Leon has been able to forget school, relax, play and laugh again ; and Ted…well, Ted learns a little bit of something every day! πŸ˜‰

I’d say it’s been a fantastic holiday…! 


Ted’s Scorpion

Recently Ted really enjoys drawing. His drawings are still very basic, but it is so wonderful to see how they progress, and the way he expresses what he sees.

He wanted to draw the dead scorpion which now lies in our living room. It died of natural causes, but we kept it because it was so interesting to look at.

Here are it’s claws…

…and here is its sting…

…and these are its legs (they had dried in a curvy way which is why they are drawn in this way)…..

I think he lost concentration with the second side of legs…

….but I just love kids drawings! And I love the decision to make an ‘observational drawing of a scorpion’ even more! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ‘β€οΈ

The Butterflies In Croatia

In our garden here in Croatia there are a whole line of lavender bushes. I read somewhere that Croatia is famous for its huge variety of butterflies, and these bushes certainly attract quite a few.

It has been just lovely to sit and watch them in the sun. Sometimes there can be seven or eight at one time – and lots and lots of bees too!

Just beautiful! πŸ’•

Roman Pots!

After seeing some roman pots at the amphitheatre…

We bought some terracotta clay and, using an example we found in the house…

…decided to make our own.

We read that roman pots had been very simple (unlike the ancient greek pots which had a lot of decoration), and noticed that the ones in the museum mostly had tall ‘necks’ for pouring.

We knew this might be tricky, but tried our best…


Maya and I decided to do our pots first outside while the boys were swimming. We attempted to make ours with ‘necks’, but realised it was very difficult!

The above one is mine. Had I had more clay I would have attempted a longer neck, but didn’t want to make it too thin, so left it as that. I like it anyway. 😊

Maya was braver. Her first attempt was this…

…but wanted to make the neck longer, and as she too was afraid of making it too thin, she made an ‘extra’ neck, in to a kind of double layer….

Certainly the most ‘roman like’ ! 😊

Ted joined us ; enjoyed the experience of just mushing the clay, feeling it squash between his fingers and spreading it over the paper. He said, with glee, that he was “just making a mess!”



Alfie decided to make his pot inside. A “breakfast bowl” he said…..

He was actually remarkably skilled and produced this beautiful bowl very quickly.

Leon, who doesn’t like ‘sticky’ things was convinced in to having a go, and also produced a beautiful bowl. It was much easier than he had expected – and he enjoyed it too!

I think they all look lovely together drying in the sun, like true roman pots!


Dream Of Your Future Husband On Midsummer’s Eve….

Yesterday it was midsummer – one of the biggest festivals of the year in Sweden. Of course we were not there to celebrate – but Maya did not let it pass by completely unmarked!

In Sweden it is tradition for a young girl to put seven different kinds of flower under her pillow on midsummer’s eve – and she will then dream of her future husband…

So pick she did – and under the pillow they went!

But the only people she dreamt of last night were her family….!

Leaving behind some very flat flowers….

I guess she’s not ready to be married off quite yet! πŸ˜„πŸ’