Getting Ready For The Sun!

The sun has taken a long time to come out this year, but I think it’s finally here!

Ted and I have been talking a lot about the sun – the shape, the colour, what the sun does and how it helps us, why we should protect ourselves from the sun and how, what season the sun comes out most in, and what we sometimes do in the summer! 😊☀️

We’ve been painting the sun…





…and playing with a sensory sun tray….





We even decorated an old sun cap with felt pieces…


….as well as, of course, enjoying the sun….


Our nature shelf is ready for summer…..

…and so are we!
It’s been a very busy week of saying goodbye for the summer to teachers and giving them presents, cleaning the house and planting our last flowers, fruits and vegetables in the garden, cleaning out the animals, and packing our cases, all ready for a (hopefully) wonderful, sunny holiday in Croatia! ☀️✈️


One thought on “Getting Ready For The Sun!

  1. You all seem ready for summer! I have been looking at all the fun, creative things you do with your kids, even if I don’t always comment. (I love the tablecloth you have right now!)

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