Dinosaur Footprints!!!

In Premeture we discovered a beautiful national park ‘Kamenjak’, where REAL dinosaur footprints have been discovered! 

We set off on the informative dinosaur trail, telling us about ammonite fossils that can be found on the shore here, and about the dinosaur species that once lived here.


Did you know that sharks lived 2 million years before the dinosaurs, and the biggest shark ever known to exist was 18 metres long?!!!

This part of the coast has a temperate environment similar to the Mediterranean which is not only why some dinosaurs were able to live here, but also explains the fascinating number of variable plant species.


…and the giant ants…!


Okay. The last one is just a model. 😉

The dinosaur footprints were incredible – though sadly almost impossible to see in the photos….


Maya and I spent a long time looking at them (the other guys did not see the exit and walked straight past!), and I then came back with Alfie who also spent a great deal of time measuring with his own hand and feeling the form of the three toed foot (because the prints were so worn they can not be certain what type of dinosaur they were from, but suggestions are that they were herbivores). Imagine! Real dinosaur footprints!!!

Maya and Alfie both took a long time to show and explain to the others about these footprints….


I really enjoyed seeing their enthusisam as they acted as guides! 😀

Of course, beyond doubt, the coastal scenery was outstanding!


It reminded me a little of the Californian coast near Big Sur, where we lived before. And I won’t lie to you that my stomach was in my mouth when the kids wanted to swim in those waves against all those rocks…..😳


Alfie, I’m glad to say, decided against going too far in, but Leon and Maya braved the waters – and survived! 👍😉🏊🏻


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